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The incident took place in Hacı İbrahim Karaselvi Street in the evening. According to the allegation, Hüsnü T., the father of two children, who are about to divorce with his wife, came to the house of his mother-in-law Serpil Palalı and started to argue with his wife Serap T. Hüsnü T. opened fire on his wife Serap T. and then his mother-in-law Serpil Palalı, who was trying to intervene, in front of his two children with a hunting rifle he brought with him.

Hüsnü T., who went out after the incident, fled and ran away after firing on his neighbor Hamza Kuzucuk, who came towards the house after the gunfire. Health and police teams were dispatched to the scene upon the notice of the people around. It was determined that the mother-daughter died in the control performed by the medical teams who came to the scene. Hamza Kuzucuk could not be saved in Torbalı State Hospital, where he was also removed, despite all the intervention of the doctors. My mother Serpil reciprocating, daughter Sarah T. and neighbors Hamza Kuzucuklar’s funeral, after the prosecutor’s investigation Izmir Institute of Forensic Medicine morgue has been removed.

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Hüsnü T., who murdered 3 people and escaped from the scene, was detained by the police teams on Çayır Street in Hatay Mahallesi with a crime weapon.

BEFORE THE MURDER It was revealed that he shared it

It was seen that the murder suspect Hüsnü T. shared the photo of ‘Azrail’ on a social network one hour before the incident and dropped the note “I have little work, don’t think I forgot you”.

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It was also seen that the murder suspect shared the photos of his children a day ago and gave the phrase “You are my only truth, don’t forget this”.


After the incident, Hüsnü T.’s young child came to Hamza Kuzucuk for help. Kuzucuk’s brother-in-law Özcan Özen (above) said, “His wife, who is at the stage of divorce, comes home and kills the mother and daughter. After that, Hamza, the young child of the deceased woman, comes in a dress and says’ Uncle, help me, they shot my mother. As Hamza also went for separation purposes, as soon as he left the door, he grabs the hand of the murder suspect and then the suspect also shoots at him. I came out to voices and came to learn about the event. There are two children at home, a small one is 1 and a half-2 years old and the other is 11- 12 years old. Shoots in front of children’s eyes, “he said.

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lost his life Hamza Kuzucuklar’s daughter Melda Kuzucuk said, “We were eating, then the girl came. She said, ‘My father shot my mother and my grandmother. Then my father went out right now. He shook my father as soon as he left the door, we heard the gunshot and went out. My father was lying on my mother’s lap. Then we informed my uncles, “he said.

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