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In accordance with the FFP agreement made with UEFA, a lease formula was used for Mostafa Mohamed, who had been watched for a long time by the Galatasaray scout team and decided to transfer, and who worked very hard during the signature phase. Galatasaray, who paid 2 million leases for 1.5 season, will not wait until the expiry date of the option for Mostafa Mohamed, July 1, 2022.
The yellow-red team is on the radar of European giants with a bright future. He will pay $ 4 million this summer for Mostafa who entered the world.
This date will not be expected due to the high probability of Egypt appearing and leaving a mark in the 2022 World Cup.
Mostafa Mohamed’s deed Galatasaray, which will receive from Zamalek, will sign a new 4-year contract with the Egyptian player.
Galatasaray, in the first stage, will not impose a release clause on Mostafa Mohamed’s contract. Galatasaray is considering a salary of 1.5 million euros for Mostafa Mohamed, who has an annual salary of 725 thousand dollars in the rental contract.
The yellow-reds are planning to hold the Egyptian star with this salary at least until the 2022 World Cup. Galatasaray will appear in Europe next year and then 2022 World Cup will be played. Galatasaray will at least wait for the end of this cup, due to the possibility of Egypt leaving its mark on this cup with Mostafa Mohamed, with its weapons such as Salah, Trezeguet, Elneny, Ahmed Hassan. Galatasaray, who made the most expensive sale in the history of the club for 16 million euros from Badou Ndiaye to Stoke City, plans to exceed this figure by many times together with Mohamed. Mostafa Mohamed succeeded in scoring 6 goals.

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