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The yellow-blue team achieved its 16th victory in the league.

Starting off with a good defense, Fenerbahçe Beko gained a 4-0 advantage in the 3rd minute. AX Armani Exchange Milan was tied 12-12 in the 5th minute with Punter’s points, leading 28-24 in the first quarter.


Starting the second period of the match with a good defense, the yellow-blue team turned the score in favor again in the 12th minute with Guduric’s basket: 29-28. Fenerbahçe Beko, leading 50-49 in the last minute of the quarter, went 52-50 behind to the locker room when he could not prevent Brooks’ three-point field goal in the last second.


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The home team increased the difference to 7 points (60-53) in the 22nd minute with Punter’s basket. Fenerbahçe Beko, who did not give his opponent a chance to score with his good defense and caught an 8-0 run, went ahead again in the 24th minute with Guduric’s points: 60-61. Continuing its superiority, the yellow-blue team was leading 78-69 in the last period.

Fenerbahçe Beko, who maintained its superiority in the last period, won the match 100-92.

AX Armani Exchange Milan: 92 – Fenerbahçe Beko: 100

Hall: Mediolanum Forum

Referees: Sasa Pukl (Slovenia), Carlos Cortes (Spain), Joseph Bissang (France)

AX Armani Exchange Milan: Punter 20, Roll 5, Hines 5, Micov 8, Shields 14, Rodriguez 13, Tarczewski 6, Brooks 5, Datome 16

Fenerbahçe Beko: De Colo 20, Guduric 15, Pierre 15, Vesely 13, Ahmet Düverioğlu 7, Brown 18, O’Quinn 3, Barthel 9, Eddie

1. Period: 28-24

Circuit: 52-50

3. Period: 69-78

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