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Prof. Dr. Ümit Özdağ was a guest of the Karşı Mahalle program on tv100. Özdağ answered the questions of Aytunç Erkin and Mahmut Övür.

Upon Aytun Erkin’s question of “Who are you establishing your party with”, Özdağ made the following statements, pointing to Yusuf Halaçoğlu and Özcan Yeniçeri.

– I will visit our teacher Yusuf. I will go to İzmir and meet him. I will invite you to the party.

– I visited Özcan Yeniçeri twice. Gives support from the heart. I expect support beyond the heartfelt support.

– We will have 223 founders. 81 of our 223 founders will be from provinces.

“GOOD Party we are not resentful movement”

– which is going to be a citizen of Turkey, representatives of the Turkish world. A committee will be to manage a Turkey as well. There will be names you know in this delegation, of course.

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– There will be people from the world of economy, tradesmen and academia in the staff. Not all of them are ready of course, but we scrutinize them and weave them frequently.

– There are also those who break and are breaking away from İYİ Party. We are not a GOOD Party resenters movement.

– Beyond that, there will be names who have not been directly involved in politics before.

– Our common point here is that we can think of very different things on very different issues, as in the first house.

– But we need Turkey. We want to approach the issue with the spiritual state of our first assembly and Atatürk’s strategic intelligence.

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