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Jason Statham, who stayed in Antalya for about two months to shoot his new movie ‘Five Eyes’, shared his shots at the two thousand year old Aspendos Antique Theater from his social media account with more than 25 million followers.

The world-famous star who introduced the Aspendos Antique Theater to his fans received more than one million likes in his posts.

Ezgi Mola, who is known to be a fan of Jason Statham for years and made comments drawing attention to his social media posts, did not remain indifferent to these frames.

Ezgi Mola, to Statham’s post, “You do not know that I wrote this to you. You listen to it like a foreign song. For me, first God, then you … I have only one wish … Commented on the words. This interpretation of Mola was on the agenda in a very entertaining short time.

The humorous interpretation of the star of Innocent Apartments received thousands of likes.


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Famous actor Jason Statham was in Beyoğlu for the opening of the Atlas Cinema Museum, whose restoration was completed in recent weeks.

At the same time, Ezgi Mola, who was shooting a series in the same district, shared a story for Jason Statham, who was close to but could not see.

After her humorous post, Mola also attracted attention with another post from a follower that made her followers laugh. Jason Statham is seen in front of the Turkish flag and with a photograph of Ezgi Mola in his hand, in the post with the note “It is clear why he came”.

Ezgi Mola made a humorous reference to the situation by posting this share made with photomontage on his Instagram account.


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