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NOT ENJOYABLE We support young referees and the VAR system. We believe that young referees will bring a new breath to Turkish football, and we believe that the VAR system is a high-quality instrument that will assist referees in establishing justice, if applied with fairness measures. We believe that the VAR system, which was implemented with the hope of providing justice in the field, unfortunately does not work in the light of objective criteria, in the light of the principle of equity.
THE DECISIONS CONFIRM The reason for the failure of the VAR system to show the expected performance of the highest quality is the guidance of the referees at the head of the system and those referees without any standards. The contradictory decisions of the same VAR referees in the same matches, or the very different decisions of very different referees in similar positions, have weakened the belief in the sense of justice and made the VAR system the focus of discussions.
It harms them and makes them debatable. While maintaining the warmth of the referee decisions against us in the game of F. Garden, we also consider what happened in the Alanyaspor match; TFF and MHK need to carry out the necessary work rapidly in order to remove the young referees from the position of discussion with the VAR system for the safety of the league.


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