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Uncovered by DNA sample found in an unfinished hot dog left at the crime scene in the robbery that took place 9 years ago in the town of Schwelm in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It was reported that the DNA sample taken from the sandwich matched the DNA of the suspect detained during another incident in France. German police announced that a 9-year robbery case was solved thanks to DNA obtained from a sausage that the suspect left without biting and eating.


When the DNA of the man who was detained in France for another crime matches the sample held by the German police, the file that has been waiting for years was closed. Police officials from the city of Schwelm said that the thief, a 30-year-old Albanian citizen, bitten his host’s sausage in his house and left it at the scene.

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The incident took place in March 2012. According to the police, when the DNA sample taken from the sausage in the sandwich, which they could not find a match at first, appeared in the international database years later, the criminal was caught.

Detectives notified the German police when the DNA of the man detained in France for being involved in a violent crime matches the DNA in the theft file. German police announced that the thief, whose DNA was found, would not be extradited to Germany on the grounds that the crime had timed out.

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