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Ahmet Günday, the master name of Turkish Folk Music and TRT artist, passed away at the age of 77 in a hospital in Izmir, where he had been treated for a liver disease.

The master artist will be sent off on his last journey with a ceremony to be held in Fethiye, his hometown, on Friday.

Who is Ahmet Günday?

Musician, academician and researcher Ahmet Günday was born in 1944 in Fethiye. Günday graduated from Buca Education Faculty Music Department and worked as a lecturer at Ege University State Turkish Music Conservatory.

He retired as a Folk Music Artist from Izmir Radio, which he entered in 1966, and continued his musical studies in the following years. Ahmet Günday, the compiler and source person of many local folk songs that entered TRT Repertoires, was married and had two children.

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Günday, which is a compilation work close to Doksan, raised hundreds of students throughout his art life. In addition to the cassettes and records, he left the written works “Baglama Metodu”, “Türküler ve Öyküleri” and “Fethiye From Past to Present”.

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