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Truck driver Faruk E., who was taken into custody after the accident in which 4 people died and 34 people were injured, 2 of them were seriously injured in Bursa, was transferred to the courthouse after his actions at the police. The driver, who was sent to the courthouse, was arrested by the court where he was taken. The driver Faruk E. said that he was sorry, “The brakes of my vehicle exploded. I watched by pressing the selector and pressing the horn. The vehicles could not escape because the red light was on. I could not prevent the crash.” occurred yesterday evening. 06 CHS 523 mug, 16 AAC 360 flatbed plate, Faruk E., loaded with cat litter, and when the truck descended from the Akiniş ramp to the direction of Bursa. The loaded truck, which descended from the ramp to the flat at a great speed, first hit the vehicles waiting at the traffic lights. The truck, which went to the opposite lane with the vehicles it brought in front of it, crashed into the vehicles going in the direction of Ankara. Overcoming the barriers, the truck was able to stop by hitting the excavation truck and pickup truck in the roadside construction site. 4 people died and 34 people were injured, 2 of them seriously, in the accident where images resembling a battlefield took place.

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It’s not an accident, it’s a massacre! A large number of dead and wounded vartürki

​​After the accident, truck drivers detained Faruk E., after the health check was brought to the District Police Department Kestel. Faruk E., whose first statement was taken here, said that he was sorry, “I noticed that the brakes of the truck were released while I was going down the ramp. I turned on the flashlight and pressed the horn continuously for the drivers of the vehicles in front of me to notice. “I could not prevent hitting the vehicles because I lost control. I’m sorry because of the accident,” he said. Faruk E. was referred to the courthouse for “Causing Death by Negligence” after his actions at the police station. He was arrested by the court he was taken to and sent to prison

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