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While the Portuguese coach made a statement to the press before the training of his team, he said that they achieved a very high quality victory for them against Gençlerbirliği.

Stating that his rivals came to Gaziantep for 1 point and that all teams in the league could beat each other, Pinto said, “To be honest, we could not start the match with Gençlerbirliği well. We played more concentrated in the second half and did what we had to do. We were very eager to win as a team. We were also very successful.” he said.

Stating that Mirallas, who received a red card in Gençlerbirliği match, did not suit him, but the experienced player came after the game and apologized to everyone, Pinto said, “We fought well even though we remained 10 people on the field. general on we spread the encounter. seeing this as a bad start errors in the first half, we get that lesson. Learn what we Besiktas match, we can get a good result. we want that. to me, the moment Turkey is the best team Besiktas. ” he spoke.

After being reminded that Gaziantep beat the top teams in the first half of the league, the Portuguese coach said:

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“We will go there to get points. Now the conditions are actually more different. We want to get points or points, despite everything. Beşiktaş is not Beşiktaş in the first half. It is a stronger team with more options. Our opponent will want to start the game well. We also have to play modestly. We will try to win. Big teams can make mistakes too. We want to evaluate Beşiktaş’s mistake and win. We need to be both ambitious and willing. it gets easier to do. “

Preparations are in progress

Gaziantep continued its preparations for the Beşiktaş match with its training.

The training at the club facilities took about 1.5 hours.

During the training, where warm-up and coordination activities were carried out, a match was played in the double goal.

Striker player Muhammed Demir, whose new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) quarantine ended, started working with the team.

Kana Bıyık, who was away from the team for a long time due to his injury, accompanied the preparations as part of his special program in training.

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