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Bensu Narlı, 23, who lives in Muğla, has been named among women who lost their lives due to male violence. The young woman whose door was stolen, was shot in the chest by Serhat Kantaş, who was in front of her when she opened her door.

In the incident that took place in Muğla Milas district, a young woman named Bensu Narlı was attacked with guns when she opened the door of her house. The attacker Serhat Kantaş opened fire on the young woman with a pistol. The injured Bensi chest Narlı was lost from their lives.

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lost scene life

The surrounding area heard the gunshots pantry, status reported to the health and police teams. It was determined that Narlı lost his life in the control made by the health teams who came to the scene upon the notice. Narlı’s lifeless body was taken to the morgue of the Milas State Hospital after the prosecutor’s investigation at the scene.

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The new HEPP verdict in that province

His first statement!

In the first statement of Serhat Kantaş, whose procedures are continuing at the police station, “Bensu was my ex-girlfriend. I learned that he was seeing someone else. I went to the house where he was sitting to talk. After pressing the bell. Then Bensu opened the door. I went in. I told him I loved him very much. There was an argument between us because of jealousy. Whatever happened then it happened. I am very regretful.

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