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According to the statement made by the company, the drug called VIR-7831 was developed jointly with California-based Vir Biotechnology.

Emergency use permission will be requested in the USA

In the tests involving 583 patients who were considered to be at high risk of hospitalization in case of Kovid-19 contamination, the drug based on monoclonal antibody treatment was seen to reduce hospitalization or deaths by up to 85 percent in mild and moderate cases, but its use in severe cases was stopped because it did not provide any benefit. / p>

It has been determined that the drug both prevents the virus from entering healthy cells and helps it cleanse the already infected cells in the immune system.

The company stated that it will ask for an emergency use permit in the USA, and that an application can be made in the UK.

Appears to be important for cancer patients

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GSK official Dr. Hal Barron stated that they are pleased that the drug provides such a benefit to patients and that they want to offer VIR-7831 in the shortest time possible.

Monoclonal antibodies are obtained by reproducing antibodies naturally produced by the body in the laboratory when people are infected with Kovid-19. Although seen as an extremely promising treatment, the fact that they are too expensive to produce may limit its widespread use.

Medication seems to be important for people with weakened immune systems such as cancer patients.

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