Galatasaray football player Omar Elabdellaoui (29 years old) had an unfortunate accident on New Year’s Eve and was taken to the hospital recently. Ella Bedravi, who was injured in her eyes, continued her treatment. If the expected response from the operation is not obtained, stem cell therapy in Elabdellaoui will also be on the agenda.

Doctors announced that in the hospital, Norwegian footballers would first wash their eyes (shower) to detect eye injuries. So what does it mean to wash your eyes? In which situations should stem cell therapy be used? What should I do if I am damaged by thermal or chemical damage? The answers to these questions do not fall off the agenda.

Vice President Dr. Nihat Tamer: “ Medical eyewash is the process of washing the eyes with saline solution (usually called serum) from the outside. You can add a few drops of medication. Omar’s condition is heat injury. We are in all trauma situations. Wash your eyes” said. . Vice President of stem cell transplant for severe corneal damage. Tamar, “Omar was injured in fireworks explosions. This injury can affect not only the front of the eye, but even the whole eye. Many publications pointed out that Omar can be treated with stem cells. Stem cell therapy mainly manifests itself in corneal damage above the intermediate level Cornea, It is a transparent, self-regenerative area before the eye. However, such an update is limited. The classification of corneal injuries is G1, G2, G3 and G4. People classified as G3 and G4 may have severe corneal damage. Omar will receive stem cell therapy. is in the third or fourth stage. “ said.

Tamer, on the question of whether the vision lost with stem cell therapy can be restored, “It all depends on the amount of damaged tissue. But in recent studies we have achieved good results. We can see 60-70%. Good results may result in a corneal transplant rejection, but because the person’s own cells are used for stem cell therapy, the rejection does not occur. Assist said that tracking of stem cells is hugely important. Vice President Dr. Tamer said, “Omar plays football. Considering that he is working in a dangerous environment against impact, he can recover from a stem cell-filled career in only 3 months. If everything goes well, it could take 6 months. “ He said.

Tamer, who advises everyone to protect from heat or chemical damage, said, “This person should intervene on his own for the first time. First, he should rinse with water for 15-20 minutes. The purpose of this is to eliminate what is present. The chemicals in the eyes. As soon as possible. Washing eyes in the hospital is 15-20 minutes, sometimes even half an hour. Then the treatment plan is applied according to the condition of the tissue inside the eye. “
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