Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, AK Party Istanbul Deputies İffet Polat, Ahmet Hamdi Çamlı and Serap Yaşar became witnesses in the wedding held by Fatih Mayor Ergün Turan in Fatih Municipality Çattıkapı Social Facilities Wedding Hall.


In his speech after the wedding, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya said, “We have been fighting both the epidemic and the winter days in these last months. We have settled our citizens who had to stay outside in our hotels. I express my thanks to the district governors and hotel owners of 39 districts. We host exactly 1766 people in this process. I would also like to thank the Fatih Mayor for his great effort, “he said.


Uğur Turan, one of the couples who entered the House of the World, said, “We lived in difficult conditions on the street before the governorship gave support. We were both staying outside in Sarayburnu. While even thinking of jumping into the sea, our Governor and District Governor took care of us. Our state made us feel they were with us and we really came to a point beyond our dreams. We experienced this beauty while contemplating suicide. This is an honor, honor for us. The fact that our elders are here has shown us that we are not alone. We are now comfortable and peaceful in our home. We will live this happiness with my wife for a lifetime, “he said.


Gelin Duygu Ünlü, on the other hand, “I came so that I could find a job in Istanbul, but I could not find a job. My phone and money were stolen. We met Uğur. We both came from Denizli. We have been living together in a tent in Sarayburnu for 6 years. But our governor came to visit us two weeks ago. We said what the trouble was. We said we want to get married, have our home and work. We said we do not want anything else. Our governor stood by us so that we could not pay his due. He was both motherhood, fatherhood and brotherhood. . They kept and furnished our house. They did not say one or two. Surprised upon surprise. I am very happy. May Allah not harm our state.


Flash face-to-face training statement from MEB

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